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What are the benefits of buying YouTube subscribers?

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What are the benefits of buying YouTube subscribers?

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying YouTube Subscribers

Looking to be a YouTuber? YouTube is a social powerhouse and a global phenomenon that attracts billions of viewers across the world. Whether you are an established business, a start-up, or want to showcase your talent, YouTube is the perfect platform to achieve your marketing goals.

Being a successful YouTuber will involve building your subscriber base and getting a high number of shares, likes, and comments. While metrics such as shares, video views, and comments are important, increasing your subscriber count is even more important.

Creating quality content will help, but your video can get buried in the millions of similar – or better -videos that are uploaded each day on YouTube. To be precise, upwards of 500 hours of video content are uploaded every minute, and one billion hours of content are watched every day on YouTube.

The quickest way to increase your subscriber count is to buy YouTube subscribers from a reputed YouTube marketing services company.

Here is a closer look at what makes YouTube a popular marketing tool and the top reasons you should buy subscribers.

What makes YouTube a popular marketing tool?

A 2021 survey by Pew Research Center revealed that YouTube is the most popular platform in the U.S., with most Americans preferring it over other channels.

Since 2005 when it was launched, YouTube has established a strong presence across hundred countries across the world, covering 95% of the world’s internet population.

Here are some more amazing facts and figures by SEM Rush that show why YouTube is the obvious choice for marketers:

  1. YouTube currently has 2 billion monthly users worldwide.
  2. Five billion videos on YouTube are viewed every single day that translates to one billion hours of video content consumption per day.
  3. 74 percent of American adults watch YouTube videos.
  4. Viewers spend forty minutes on average on YouTube videos.
  5. By 2022, an estimated 210 million people will view YouTube videos in the U.S.
  6. Apart from Millennials, the fastest-growing demographic include 50 to 65-year-olds (Baby boomers) and 36- to 49-year-olds (Generation X).
  7. In 2019, 2 billion people across the world logged in and watched one billion hours of YouTube videos each day.
  8. YouTube accounts for about a quarter of the world’s video streaming traffic, second only to Netflix.
  9. Apart from entertainment, people watch YouTube videos for news, information, strengthen professional work, and follow companies and brands.
  10. Six out of ten people prefer to watch videos over live T.V.

Top reasons to buy YouTube subscribers

Gain popularity

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to showcase your talent or spread awareness about your work. Successful ‘YouTubers’ are some of the internet world’s best-known people. Whether they are posting gaming videos, travel vlogs, or ‘how to’ videos, these popular YouTubers have built their brand and showcase their craft on YouTube. The first step to becoming a successful YouTuber is to gain popularity.

Some of the most popular video categories on YouTube are:

  • Product review – Since 2017, YouTube viewers have watched 50,000 plus years of product review videos on mobile devices. Trusted reviews play a vital role in motivating consumers towards making a purchase. Product review videos allow audiences to see the performance of a product and get feedback from the reviewer.
  • Unboxing videos – Unboxing videos have become a major influence on viewers’ purchasing decisions. They are also an effective way for brands to spread awareness of their new products or services.
  • Educational Videos – Viewers love YouTube videos about fashion trends, visual arts, history, mathematics, business, and other topics.
  • Challenge videos – From ‘the Highlighter Challenge’ to “Fun and random facts about me,” tag and challenge videos are hugely popular. This video format encourages users to watch creators do the challenge in unique ways.
  • Comedy – Comedy videos are among the formats that have a high chance of reaching ‘viral’ status.
  • Gaming – From ‘Minecraft’ to ‘League of Legends,’ gaming videos are a popular category on YouTube.
  • Vlogs – Vlogs or video blogs allow followers to see the ‘real’ you and connect with you. Top vloggers typically have millions of subscribers.

Even when you make a high-quality video in your niche and post it, there is no guarantee of instant success. It may seem like viral YouTubers have a secret, magic formula to instant internet fame. They simply record a video and post, and millions of views and subscribers follow. While this might work for celebrities and popular channels, beginners will need to jumpstart the momentum by buying YouTube subscribers.

A YouTube video is considered “good” if it has a CTR (click-through rate) of more than 10 percent, 50 percent retention, and four minutes of average watch time.

Click-through rate or CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks on your video by thumbnail impressions (teaser video). For instance, if your video thumbnail is viewed 1,00 times and 10 people click on the video, the click-through rate is 10 percent.

The more the number of subscribers to a YouTube account, the better the chances of boosting CTR, retention, and watch time.

According to an estimate, it can take almost two years to get your first thousand subscribers on YouTube. This can be a very slow and frustrating experience for people who are looking to quickly make their mark on the channel.

When you buy YouTube subscribers, you can build and sustain the momentum. Buying YouTube subscribers will also send a message to other YouTube users that your content is popular and of value.

Once your subscriber count builds up, it will attract more and more people to check out your video and subscribe to your channel.

Go mobile to expand your reach

Do you have a multi-channel marketing strategy? Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is aimed at reaching the audience on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Statista estimates that there are 290 million Americans who are mobile phone users in 2020 so far. Given the smartphone penetration of 79.10 percent, the U.S. is the fourth in the world in terms of mobile phone owners.

With customers shifting their attention to mobile devices, marketers are prioritizing omnichannel engagement with their target audience with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing can involve sending brand messages through SMS or cold calls. These push marketing strategies have both long and short-term drawbacks. Consumers can easily block calls and push ads. For marketers, tracking return on investment and targeting a specific customer base becomes difficult with push marketing.

YouTube is perfectly suited for the inbound or pull marketing approach on mobile devices. Through inbound marketing, brands can engage and invite their target customers and build strong relationships.

These figures by HubSpot show why YouTube is the right choice for mobile marketing:

  • Most adults (75 percent ) watch YouTube videos on their mobile devices.
  • YouTube reaches more people in the age group of 18 to 49 on mobile devices in a week as compared to any cable network.
  • Over three-fourths of YouTube watch time is on mobile devices.

A Google study shows that smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely to pay attention to branded content or ads on YouTube.

Researchers also found that smartphone video viewers are more likely to feel connected to brands that offer video content on mobile devices compared to T.V. viewers. And above all, a 2020 study showed that 70 percent of viewers purchased after seeing the brand’s video on YouTube.

Other actions viewers take after watching branded videos on their mobile devices include:

  • Visit the brand’s website or store.
  • Talk about the brand with others.
  • Positively change their opinion about the brand, service, or product.
  • Share the branded video content about the service, product, or company.

A smart way of creating a winning mobile marketing strategy is to create branding videos on YouTube and promote them to a wider audience by buying YouTube subscribers. People are on the lookout for cues to decide what to watch on social media and what kind of content is worth their time. If your YouTube account has thousands of subscribers, it stands out as a reputable account that many people are following.

Supplement your marketing efforts

For brands, having a YouTube marketing strategy is a top priority. Engaging videos help boost brand memory and recall because visuals are processed faster in comparison to text messages. YouTube videos can also help your business drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store, increase conversions and reach a wider audience base. Having a YouTube presence also makes it easier for your target audience to find you on search engines. You can broadcast a live event with YouTube live streams. This exposes your brand and product or service to a wider audience in a cost-effective way.

Your YouTube marketing strategy has a high chance of giving you the desired results when you have a strong subscriber base.

Buying a YouTube subscriber list is a great way of supplementing your YouTube marketing efforts. It helps you gain new followers soon and garner likes, comments, and shares. With more subscribers, you can build an extensive email list that plays a key role in increasing conversions and engagement.

A subscriber list provides warm leads that you can leverage to follow-up, engage and eventually convert into customers. YouTube subscriber count is one of the important ranking factors. Buying active YouTube subscribers helps your business gain more recognition. The more your subscriber count, the stronger your reputation and credibility that can attract more organic subscribers to your channel.

Earn more

One of the reasons why many people start a YouTube channel is to make some money. The number of channels on YouTube earning six figures annually has risen by 40 percent year-on-year while channels earning $10,000 annually grew by 50 percent.
Many successful YouTubers are earning a six-figure income from YouTube. For instance, personal finance YouTuber Nate O’Brien has 1.1 million subscribers and earned $444,000 in advertisement revenue in a year. Top YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and Smosh earn anywhere from $8.5 million to $12 million.

To start making money from YouTube, you will need to have a minimum of thousand subscribers in the last twelve months as well as 4000 public watch hours. When you gain these many subscribers, you become eligible for the Partner Program that YouTube offers. This allows you to earn income from subscriptions, ads, sales of merchandise, and channel memberships.

Google AdSense: The partnership gives you access to tools that allows you to monetize your videos with Google AdSense. Most YouTube celebrities earn a major chunk of their income from Google AdSense. For example, if you have 1,000,000 subscribers who watch two of your videos in a week, you can earn up to $36,000 from AdSense alone.

Per an estimate, 20,000 views per day can help you earn between $28 to $47 per day on average, with monthly earnings being $460 to $769. If the number of views per day stays constant, you can earn $5,600 to $9,353 per year.

Merchandise sales: YouTube partners can sell twelve items of merchandise by enabling this feature in the YouTube account. Some celebrities have made millions selling merchandise to their fans. PewDiePie, the Swedish video-game star, has 98 million subscribers on YouTube and makes $6.8 million per month from selling merchandise. You can also promote your merchandise/products on your channel.

Channel memberships: When you get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can also earn money by enabling the channel membership feature in your account. Your followers and fans make monthly payments to get bonus content, including live chats, special videos, and badges. Top video creators on YouTube earn $40,000 each month through channel memberships.

Influencer marketing: Depending on your niche, you can also diversify your sources of income with affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and online courses. Businesses pay YouTubers with a good amount of following to promote their brand or product on the channel. Popular YouTube creators are equally, if not more effective in promoting brand awareness as compared to celebrities and influencers. YouTube influencers typically command higher prices to promote brands as compared to Instagram posts. You can earn $2000 per video if you have 100k subscribers.

According to a study, a mid-level influencer charges $2,000 per 100,000 subscribers to promote a brand on their YouTube account.
Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying YouTube Subscribers

Attract real subscribers

Marketers leverage what is known as the ‘herd mentality’ to boost sales and engagement. Herd mentality refers to how people are influenced by others to do something because most people are doing it.

As social animals, we rely on information from others to make decisions. Right from career choices, political inclinations to wardrobes, our inclinations are typically shaped by our social observations. Psychologists studied how social learning strategies shape humans’ collective intelligence.

They found that people tend to copy others, and the more the number of people who made a certain choice, the more other people copied them. This is the same way people choose apps based on their download figures or follow social media accounts that have large followings. It is also true that when people search and find a video that has more subscribers, views, and likes, they decide to follow that video. When viewers see that a video’s reach is low, they tend to assume the content is not worth watching. They may quickly move on and search for a similar video from a more popular YouTube channel that has greater viewership.

A lack of subscribers for your YouTube channel will also lower the chances of your video getting likes, comments, or shares as viewers are unsure of whether it is a trustworthy source of information. When you pay for subscribers, you will improve the chances of other people becoming your followers and subscribers simply due to the ‘herd mentality.’

Establish yourself as an authority

One of the important reasons to purchase YouTube subscribers is to boost your brand/personal brand’s authority. Having more subscribers on your YouTube channel signals that you are a serious player in the niche as compared to a handful of subscribers. As highlighted above, a larger subscriber opens you up to opportunities to make more money, collaborate with other professionals and influencers.

According to a 2019 study by SEM rush, 48 percent of people believe that YouTube would be the top contributor to boost the efficacy of public relations communications over the next five years. Whether your niche lies in P.R., fashion, skincare, finance, gaming, or comedy, getting more subscribers on YouTube can help you establish yourself as an industry expert.

Reduce effort

Subscribers play a key role in your success as a YouTuber. Right from monetizing opportunities, expanding reach, gaining popularity to networking, a large subscriber count offers multiple benefits. For new entrants on the platform, gaining subscribers and building credibility can be challenging. It requires consistent effort while being time-consuming to gain your first 1000 followers. As a study shows, it can take as much as two years to gain a thousand subscribers.

Boosting YouTube subscriber count can involve paying close attention to the video quality, upload frequency, search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your video’s search rankings and other strategies. While these efforts are necessary, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to getting all aspects of your YouTube video right. Despite making a high-quality, engaging video, there may not be many subscribers for the first few years.

When you purchase subscribers, it will help build up your followers base in quick time and with minimal effort. Instead of worrying about your subscriber count, you can focus on creating new, engaging videos that appeal to your target audience.

Search ranking

According to Aherfs, ranking higher on Google search pages and YouTube is a top priority for digital marketers because:

  • 68 percent of online experiences start with a search engine – people are more likely to find your video if you rank higher on the search engine.
  • 75 percent of Google searchers do not go beyond the first page results, and only 0.78 percent of users click on search results on the second page

There are multiple things you can do to boost your YouTube video rankings on Google. These include finding and using the right keywords (these are the words your target audience is using to search for content similar to yours), adding YouTube tags, and optimizing your YouTube video quality. The quickest way, however, is to boost your subscriber count.

According to Neil Patel, YouTube ranks videos based on:

  • Channel strength
  • Number of views
  • Keyword relevance
  • Shares
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Comments
  • Audience retention

Trust is in turn linked to the number of subscribers a YouTube channel has apart from the views and authority. Studies show that the number of likes, views, comments, and shares a YouTube video has is strongly correlated with higher YouTube rankings. An important reason to pay for YouTube subscribers is that you can increase the likes, views, and comments on your video by getting more real subscribers and expanding your reach.

YouTube channels that have more subscribers get priority placement in searches conducted on Google and on-site in YouTube. The subscriber count is also a key factor that YouTube’s algorithms utilize to rank videos. While commenting or likes are one-time actions, subscriptions indicate that people will see the video content you create regularly. This plays a central role in reflecting the value you offer for YouTube.

This is the reason why most YouTubers encourage subscriptions.

Regardless of where your subscribers come from, having more subscribers will help optimize your SEO. This ensures your video is found and viewed by a larger audience base. Consequently, the more the number of people who view your content, the higher the flow of organic subscribers for your YouTube channel.
Asking people to leave comments also will work to boost your video rankings on YouTube. Building your subscriber base is the first step to adopting these strategies to rank higher.

Engage your subscribers

Having a good subscriber base boosts your confidence when you are just starting as a YouTuber. This is also applicable for those who have been creating YouTube videos for some time but have not been able to build their subscriber base.
Once you have a significant amount of subscribers and views, you will feel motivated to add fresh content regularly. Make videos on your art, music, travel, food, or your profession to engage your real subscribers.

You can then make a personal video to welcome your real subscribers and make them feel valued and special. Adding an original watermark on your video will not only protect your video but enable viewers to click on it and subscribe to your channel. The subscribe button appears automatically on your original watermark.
Engaging your subscribers will also involve making videos that appeal to their interests. Here are some statistics by HubSpot that show the kind of content YouTube viewers prefer:

  • Music videos are one of the most popular ones on YouTube.
  • Shopping-related videos had five times higher watch hours in recent times.
  • YouTube makes 70 percent of viewers aware of brands.
  • Viewers are twice as likely to purchase a product they viewed on YouTube.
  • Compared to other platforms, viewers are more likely to look for information about a service, product, or brand on YouTube.
  • Tutorial videos on YouTube are preferred by YouTube users over reading the product manual or instructions.
  • The top reasons to watch YouTube are to feel entertained and relaxed.
  • Relaxation videos such as soap cutting had a 70 percent boost in watch time.
  • Comedy and “how-to” videos are the other popular YouTube content categories.

Augment YouTube algorithm

The YouTube algorithm is specific and decides close to three-fourths of the videos YouTube viewers watch. YouTube recommendations are based on multiple metrics such as subscribers, viewership history, watch time, relevancy, and engagement. A key reason to buy subscribers is that the algorithm is likely to suggest your video to more viewers.

Buying YouTube subscribers is easy and quick

If you are concerned about the hassles of finding the right site to buy subs, here is the simple solution. YTpals is a leading site to buy YouTube subscribers. You can expect quick results and a streamlined process of buying. You can buy the first 50 YouTube subscribers for as low as $20, while 5000 views are priced at $60.

You can also opt for free YouTube views to fast track your way to building your subscriber base, likes, comments, and shares.

YTpals also has competitive pricing for YouTube likes, comments, watch hours, and shares that can augment your YouTube marketing strategy. When you pay for subscribers, you will start to receive them within 24 hours. Once you witness the tangible benefits of gaining subscribers on YouTube, you can gradually increase subscriber count to 100, 500, or more.

If you want to purchase comments, YTpals offers custom comments for affordable rates. You can buy ten custom comments instantly for your YouTube video that you have uploaded for a low price. You can also buy 30 or 50 comments at competitive price points. When it comes to likes, YTpals offers 200 YouTube likes for $20.
Buying all of them as a bundle will provide the solid foundation you need to take your YouTube channel to new levels of success.

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